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COURSE 101 Spiritual Remembrance (11hrs)

Unlearn, Explore, Heal + Realign via your internal guidance system

  • 1 hour
  • 555 US dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

COURSE 101 is about learning to listen to your inner wisdom in harmony with messages from authentic self, vs the ego self and the learned self that we project to others. First, we have to unlearn and discover who lies beneath social norms, respectability politics, projected lifestyle patterns from our parental community and the suppressed parts of ourselves that are keeping us from our divine path and purpose. We will discuss Elemental medicine, Earth medicine, Indigenous Cosmologies, Astrology, Alignment, Ego-death, Instinct vs Intuition, Spiritual development and Ancestral wisdoms. Shed the layers of the "I am" to discover the true Self, hidden behind years of trauma, unmet needs, negative self-talk, learned behavior, societal coercion and and passion misalignment Through ongoing spiritual development, we go through a process of remembrance by piecing together parts of the self, cosmic influences, lineage, in order to access your higher self, uncover chakra blockages and develop deeper connection to our intuition. In doing so, we are ultimately retrieving data through patterning, about who we are, shedding learned behaviors and traumas tied to karmic DNA. Focused on healing and empowerment, by connecting back to the self, one another, and the collective consciousness, ultimately contributing to the community at large and expanding consciousness for the greater good. Online Booking: On-on-one class frequency is recommended recurring weekly or monthly. Book your initial 1-hour session online, and we will schedule the other 10 sessions manually, catering our sessions to your needs and lifestyle. If you prefer certain day of the week or would rather intensive 2-hour long double-sessions, we can set up the custom meetings durations via Zoom As always, we will work to relate ancient wisdom to modern day, unlearning and refining healing educational tools or our "medicine bag", in order to better understand the world around us, from the land, to our connections and the dimensions all around us. It is important to be able to fill our own cups to be able to better integrate a sense of purpose and belonging, as we connect with community along the journey. There will be no judgment or shame, rather a shift in perspective in order to embrace the shadow self and allow our wounds to heal more deeply. This is deep emotional and therapeutic work, please allow yourself time to be arrive in full presence Namaste — See you then

Cancellation Policy

Please note that any cancellations or rescheduling for bookings require 24-hrs notice to avoid a booking-prep fee of $24. Clients must be aged 12+ or over for Peri Steaming and 18+ for Akashic Record Soul Sessions. Please, no returns on opened herbs.

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