Gentle Herbs Yoni Steam Blend

Gentle Herbs Yoni Steam Blend


Yoni steaming (also known as vaginal steaming or pelvic sauna), is an ancient practice used in every country in the world, now gaining knowledge across the northern american population, though have history in the native and indigenous peoples for generations. spans the allows the warmth of herbal tea steam to permeate the exterior of the vagina, using a curated blend of medicinal herbs, to aid proper detoxification and support our periods. Respected by healers across the globe, herbal yoni steaming offers us an opportunity to reconnect with back our body and utilize the wisdom of plant medicine to support and realign our cycle. This practice allows the body to gently release toxins, emotional density and stagnation, using organic herbs that nourish the body and amplify healing in a holistic way. ​The nurturing blend is gentle, mild, and was intentionally created to serve those with uterine and adrenal fatigue, or with shorter cycles of 27 days or fewer, and is appropriate for postpartum care.​


A supply of 10 steam sessions, in bulk loose leaf herb form. Ideal for individuals.

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