Landscape of Nature + Language of Medicine | A Homecoming

[Coming back home to the land, finding center and resetting time with space. A contemporary nomad's rythmic expression, transcribed through the universal tongue of nature. Weaving the day with the vibration of nature's elements, and reflecting upon healing waters of emotionality, while traveling through the vast landscape that we call home.]


[Water + Air]

Canine companion Odin, and I, meditate on and off throughout the day. We often lay together as head-to-foot like 2 cashews; yin + yang and yang + yin nestled like koi. Intuitive and reciprocal protection, expressing our love language while we nurture one another on our separate journeys. Rising to the day just as Father Sun peeks through the eye of the horizon. Moving our bodies with ritual tasks, lighting the wood stove, preparing a large pot of tea to flush toxins and ignite the digestive fire. A blend of soft green and nettle nourish the cells, spicy ginger root and cinnamon reinvigorates circulation. Life force glowing in my belly, burning off yesterday's lessons. Blowing the breath of 'hope' into a fistful of tobacco, offering it to the hearth, expressing gratitude to the ancestors for walking me home safely each night.

[Air + Earth]

Midday is spent connecting with community, savoring the give and take of reciprocally woven relationships, intentionally giving more than I wish to take. Building on our home, a little bit each day. Living beneath our means, aligning with the circadian, grounding to the earth, speaking to grandmother, embodying the divine. Divinity exists in all things.

[Nature + Mineral]

Going over dreams, notes and synchronicities spanning recent days, weeks and months. "Listen to the wind. Taste the air. Ground to the earth. Observe is an instinct. Fragments woven from protection, awareness, understanding, compassion, inner knowing, open channel, align with boundaries when we breath into center. The more you learn, the more we understand. Kundalini rising, as Prana, alchemical purification, alignment, and the ongoing expansion in consciousness and awareness beget our ascension. We are coming home Great Mother."

[Mineral + Fire]

Preparing sustenance for Odin, going for a walk with nature, greeting spirit each day in all things. Greeting sun and moon, engaging with sound in all directions, in gratitude for animating our collective existence. Taking time to track and piece together clues from my guidance from version of my higher self, observing and lighting the path, overarching from the ethers. Slowly, throughout the day, chipping away at the stories that I did not write for myself in this lifetime, to allow space for the great remembrance.

[Fire + Water]

Sinking deeper into human waters, the source of life, reconciliation and grief, engaging deeply sunken fragments of the inner child. Layers of karma, identity and wisdom manifest through numerals in the fabric of dimension. Chakral meridians rising, convene at emotional high-tide, where the physical and instinctual meet the intuitional and spiritual, atoning at the heart space of Annahata, in the unconditional one's mercy and grace.

[Owl totem wisdom]

Continuing the day in hermitage, observing always as the hawk clan does, at the late-autumn cusp of winter's hibernation time. Sharpening the gaze and snacking often.