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|  Asha (they/she)  |

Natasha "Asha" Jain is an Afro-Indo-Taino Artist, Healer and nomadic traveler, facilitating learning through healing services such as yoni steaming, ancient herbal remedies, firewalking, mentorship, healing in nature and writing, all while traveling in a tiny art studio on wheels.


Being a nomadic creator, my work is informed by the spirit of nature. 

I enjoy expressing through illustration, design, meditative movement and creating wellness blog articles about mental health, community, travel, sovereignty and farming.

An advocate for intentional living, remembrance, rematriation and trauma-healing via rootwork; aligning our missions with our values, in order to embody our personal ethics, in order to come into greater alignment with our authentic selves.

As a freelancer, I have a long history of working with non-profits and small businesses such as Coupon In The Cloud, Kahani Magazine, and Diversify Vanlife, in design and development residency, as well as conscious Creative and Art Direction. Having led a team, serving as Art Director Whole Foods Market (pre-amazon), it was an honor to build relationships, guiding hands in graphic environmental design, developing brand identities, construction, installation and community integration.

Devoted to serving the healing of BIPOC and marginalized communities, first and foremost. I currently serve my community, across platforms, via educational blogs, podcasts and video, pushing conversations, demystifying and advocating from an intersectional point of view.

|  Life Education  |

Primarily educated through lived experiences, and a sea of Informal teachers: Elders, Guides, Masters, Ancestors, Soul Family and all the sacred intimate relationships that mirror and shape us as we learn and unlearn, together.

BFA Communication Arts: Illustration — MA College of Art

LH Center for Akashic Studies — Advanced Akashic Practitioner

Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute — Vaginal Steam Facilitator

Sundoor School of Transpersonal Education — Firewalk Instructor

School of Evolutionary Herbalism — Clinical + Alchemical Herbalism
Gina Spriggs Art of Intuitive Tarot — Intuitive Tarot Reading