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|  about ASHA (she/them)  |

Natasha "Asha" Jain is an Artist, Nomad, and Holistic Medicine Womxn, offering services as a Yoni Steam Herbalist and Educator, Spiritual Sovereignty Mentor, Writer and Advocate, with a background in Illustration, Graphic Design, Firewalking and Farming. An advocate for Intentional living, aligning with missions and values that mirror personal ethics, and benefit the healing of marginalized communities. 


As a freelancer, Asha has a long history of working with non-profits and businesses such as Coupon In The Cloud and Kahani Magazine, as well as Whole Foods Market (pre-Amazon), providing Art Direction, Illustration, developing brand identities and strengthen community relationships via content creation. Currently serving Diversify Vanlife, across platforms, via Art Direction, Web Branding Design, Illustration and Writing blogs as a nomadic mixed-heritage queer non-binary nature-based person of color.

“Growing up with parents who immigrated to the US, from opposite sides of the globe, I learned early on that my family’s perspective was diversely layered in intersectionality. Traveling the world has allowed me to be open up to more ways of life. Living, working and exploring via a creative studio on wheels allows the freedom to operate on my terms, grow and forage for food, serve community on a sliding scale, flow with the current of life, spend time with sacred lands, giving back more than I intend to receive. 


Through years of initiations rooted in indigenous ritual and ancestral wisdom, I have been able to nurture my own traumas, and awaken through constant ritual self-care and intuitive development; embracing the shadow aspects of the self, breaking patterns and aiding in the continued healing of karmic DNA passed down via epigenetics. Drawing knowledge, wisdom and inspiration from generations of Artists and Healers and Teachers from India (and Uganda), and the Dominican Republic (a mixed-race afro-diasporic culture of people from west/central Africa, Spain (moors), Canary Islands, and natives of the Taino-Arawak and A’yiti peoples).


While learning from the sacred world fed my soul, the sustainability of living a nomadic lifestyle has allowed me to integrate my past and present in order to create a space for a more sovereign future and hold space for others along their journey.”

Interests include: ayurveda, movement as medicine, veganism, healing outdoors, earth based shamanic cultures, living in rhythm with landscape, herbalism, stewardship, wellness, advocacy, amplifying ancestors (trailblazers), akashic records, alchemy, art activism, children’s books, reciprocal relationships, laughter, drawing, dream weaving, journaling, environmentalism, sustainability, holding space, sublimation dancing, meditation, yoga, and the regenerative magic of art in nature.

|  Education  |

Lived Experiences + A sea of Informal Teachers: Elders, Guides, Spiritual Masters, Ancestors, Soul Family and all the relationships that  mirror and shape us as we learn + unlearn + relearn. A deep thank you to the Landscape for walking us home. Namaste Ji.


BFA Communication Arts: Illustration — MA College of Art + Design

LH Center for Akashic Studies — Advanced Akashic Practitioner

Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute — Vaginal Steam Facilitator

Sundoor School of Transpersonal Education — Firewalking Instructor

School of Evolutionary Herbalism — Clinical + Astro Herbalism
Gina Spriggs Art of Intuitive Tarot — Intuitive Reader